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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Chris Brown Goes Too Far -- Beats Up Girlfriend Rihanna

The beating of Rihanna by Chris Brown sent the media into overdrive as the singer was not only caught in the spotlight by the media, but there were damning photos of the abuse which only made matters worse.  It as no longer just a story, but a very vivid and visual event to the public.  Reporting on such things said by Brown as "Now I'm really gonna kill you!" and other details, tabloids took the littlest details and put them in the spotlight for all to see.

The story becomes the most talked about story on social media for months.  Chris Brown is charged with felony assault.  Brown did not want the spectacle of Rihanna having to come to court to testify, so pleaded guilty, and received 480 hours of community service and three years of felony probation, along with anger-management classes.

As an apparent lack of remorse starts hurt his image after months of not apologizing or speaking to the issue, and album sales slump as radio stations refuse to play his music.  Big sponsors like Wrigley's Gum drop him from their marketing plans, and even Sesame Street pulls the episode featuring the rapper.

Brown attempts to apologize to the public through a YouTube video, and it is not well-received by those who watched it, appearing to be forced and unapologetic in tone.  In hindsight, it can be seen as doing too little, and much too late.

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